I had the opportunity and privilege of working for Clement King as a team leader in his team while he led the US Chief Control Office at HSBC USA.

Clement is an experienced Risk and Control manager with a well developed leadership toolkit and the ability to relate effectively with employees at all levels. He brings his high integrity approach to all aspects of his work and is a difference maker.

I worked with him on several projects, one of them was related to Information Technology and Cyber Security Risks and Controls which was very complex and required engagement of multiple teams. Clement’s tenacity in dealing with multiple stakeholders and focusing on doing what was best for the company and the team was remarkable. He demonstrated a strong commitment to results, terrific business acumen and great insight into what was needed to get through the hurdles.

He is an inspirational leader and gives the team excellent motivation to achieve their goals. I was very impressed with how much Clement cared for the well being of his team. His passion for excellence also made him great to work with and he continues to be a strong coach and mentor to me.

Clement is one of the most ambitious, dedicated and hardworking individuals I know and I look forward to following his future endeavors.

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